Downhole ToolsAOS Downhole Tools Division provides a large inventory of quality and reliable tools alongside vastly experienced service and operating personnel. The tools and services provided by our Downhole Tools Division are:

  • Fishing Services
  • Drilling Jars
  • Borehole Enlargement
  • Wellbore departure and Casing exit
  • Drilling Tool Rentals


FISHING TOOLS & SERVICES: AOS offers a technical team which combines extensive operational experience with intimate knowledge of the Nigerian environment. These factors have allowed us to have an extremely high rate of job successes and to provide cost effective solutions to our clients.  Our personnel are supported by a large and varied inventory of tools, along with the support of an API certified machine shop, which allows for quick turnaround of tools and customized tool modifications.  We are, therefore, capable of responding expeditiously to our client’s challenges. AOS Fishing Services include:

  • Plug & Abandonment services
  • External and Internal cutting and recovery
  • Milling services
  • Thru tubing tools and services
  • Packer retrieval services
  • Well cleanout


Downhole ToolsDRILLING JAR SERVICES: AOS offers a large inventory of Smith Jars and Accelerators ranging in sizes from 4 ¾” to 8”.  Jars provided by AOS are reliable as their servicing is conducted by a team of experienced and well trained Nigerian technicians (local and international training). Additionally, all tools are function tested by two (2) OEM certified jar testers and two (2) torgue master bucking machines while the overall Jar workshop operations is ISO certified ensuring Quality and traceability for all tools serviced.


BOREHOLE ENLARGEMENT SERVICES: A large inventory and variety of enlargement tools are available to support our client’s drilling and completion objectives. Our tools are reliable and our experienced tool technicians provide quality tool maintenance.

AOS borehole enlargement service includes:

  • Roller Cone & Fixed Cutter Hole Openers ranging in sizes from 6” up to 42”
  • Under-reamers with opening diameter from 8 ½” up to 26”
  • Reaming while drilling tools with opening diameters from 10” up to 20”


Downhole ToolsWELLBORE DEPARTURE & CASING EXIT: AOS offers Whipstocks along with reliable tools and operators to support our client’s operational requirements. We offer “a one stop shop” for this service as all of the required tools and services are available at AOS. They include the following:

  • Whipstocks and Tri-Mills with retrievable and non-retrievable options with the capability of drilling extended ratholes in one run.
  • A large and varied inventory of Mills for pilot milling and Section milling applications.
  • Other milling tools to ensure that the quality of exit provided will allow drilling and completion  tools to have unrestricted access to the wellbore.



AOS offer a number of standard and unique tools for your drilling, completion and workover applications. Our range of tools include:

  • A flow bypass system for drilling and wellbore cleanup applications.
  • Integral and welded blade stabilizers from 5 7/8” up to 32” in size.
  • Subs (Cross Over, Lifting, Float, Spacer), Collars (including PC & Monels) for most applications; Non Magnetic Drill Collars; TIW valves; Bullnoses.
  • Casing Scrapers (5” through 13 3/8”), Key Seat Wipers and Safety Joints.