AOS has a state-of-the-art pressure testing facility in Port Harcourt configured for pressure testing up to 25,000PSI with well trained and experienced personnel.
Pressure ControlWe offer the following services:

  • Offshore service inspection
  • Regular inspection of equipment by certified personnel
  • Provision of Equipment database to assist planned maintenance/inspection.
  • Surface Wellhead Installation, Refurbishment and Service
  • Testing of Annular and Ram type BOP equipment.
  • Flow line Asset Management

Pressure ControlThe test facility is designed to handle the following equipment:

  • Plug Valve
  • Loop
  • Crossovers
  • Elbows                
  • Swivel Joints
  • Chokes
  • Y & T Piece/Lateral
  • Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure ControlEquipment database management

We offer to develop a data-based asset management solution that identifies the equipment, tracks usage patterns to establish inspection and or repair intervals. This will ensure the right products are shipped to the job site on time and in top working condition.