Production enhancementAOS offers Sale & Rental of Production Enhancement system which significantly increases the commercially extractable volume of Oil & Gas from a given field.

This system and equipment will improve production and reduce environmental impact and offer the following benefits:

  • Extend life and productive of oil & gas fields
  • Extract more reserve from a given field
  • Boost extraction rate
  • Measure production volume more accurately
  • Reduce Environmental impact
  • Increase safety

Our OEM’s proven expertise have developed and installed purpose built equipment for Major E & P clients for the following areas:

  • Pumping & pressure boosting
  • Separation and commingling
  • Multiphase measurement and metering
  • Boosting Systems
  • Compact Inline Separators
  • Production Optimisation Solution
  • System design, supply and commissioning
  • Process design and equipment development
  • Feasibility studies – Oil & gas applications

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