WirelineOur inventory of specialized electric wireline equipment provides a full range of pipe recovery and cased-hole logging services in diameters ranging from 1” coil tubing up to 9 5/8” casing. These services include:

  • Chemical Cutters                                                
  • Jet Cutters
  • Severing Tools
  • Split Shots
  • Gamma-Guns
  • Gamma Ray Logging
  • Radial Bond Tools
  • Gyro Services
  • CIBP for tubing and casing
  • WirelineFree-Point Indicators
  • String Shots
  • PLT

For high angle wells AOS has a unique roller and pump down system allowing the tool string to enter wells up to 90 deg deviation. For restricted wells AOS offers a wide range of under size cutters providing customers with multiple solutions for their pipe cutting needs.



WirelineOur computerised wireline unit incorporates two independent logging systems. This provides a surface readout of all log data in real time.

The Radial Bond Tool’s multiple receivers, positioned circumferentially around the tool, provide casing to cement and cement to formation bond data. The amplitude map created is an indication of bond integrity as well as clearly showing channelling in the cement.

AOS’s Production Logging Systems incorporates Gamma Ray measurements, In-Line and Fullbore Flowmeters, Temperature, Pressure, and Fluid Identification sensors. Run in combination, or as a stand-alone service, the AOS PLT provides a solution to your production logging needs.



WirelineWith over one hundred years of combined wireline logging and pipe recovery services AOS personnel provide a fast and cost effective solution to our customers needs.  Conducting training both in house and abroad will assure that we have qualified personnel for any wireline operation.

Having completed over 500 successful wireline runs in the last four years, AOS has a proven success rate working for Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total, Addax, Agip, etc.